Work Faster with PixelSquid

PixelSquid allows you to unleash your creativity and improve the efficiency of your workflow. Our massive library of photo-real objects are available at any angle and with perfectly transparent backgrounds.

Pixel Perfection

Download high-resolution images of photo-real objects as transparent PNGs or layered PSD files with adjustable shadows, reflections, shine and more.


Massive Library

Our ever-growing catalog features over 219,000 photo-real objects. All unwatermarked objects are available as transparent PNGs and layered PSDs. New objects are added daily, and new curated collections are added every week.

Plug and Play

Photoshop® Plugin

Drop downloaded images directly into your projects, or use our free Adobe Photoshop Plugin for the ultimate experience.

Try It Out For Yourself

PixelSquid offers three affordable pricing options that let you access unwatermarked objects in the catalog. Designers that just need a few objects here and there can opt for the Starter Plan for no monthly fee with the option to purchase unwatermarked objects for $12.99 each. But if you're like us, you'll want unlimited access to every object for a low monthly or annual price.

Not convinced yet? Try PixelSquid for free right now by visiting our catalog and downloading a watermarked PNG.